Sunday, 13 March 2016

5. Blogging Health Check


 - Tighten up on Blog 10 - distinguish the difference between the different types of crime genre
 - Ensure post 13 is completed
 - Continue to film and edit the film as a priority
 - Organise your blog so it can be clearly explored - add labels
 - Make sure every blog post has been labelled and are in the correct category

Reflections - I will now take all of the above points into careful consideration, ensuring that all tasks are completed with good enough detail and I will make sure that my blog is well organised so that posts can be easily found.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

1. Blog your group's initial creative ideas

2. Moodboard

3. Brand your blog

I have changed my design of my blog so it reflects the design of my film opening.

4. Rough Storyboard

5. Shot list and Titles

6. Further photos of props and location

7. Sound design

There isn't going to be any dialogue in our film opening, as its going to be a chase scene and it just would be irrelevant.

We are going to put in some additional background sounds and delete all of the original sound that goes with the shots, as we want a calm atmosphere at the start before the action begins.

As for the chase scene itself, we are planning to put in some fast paced action music to go with the fast editing we are going to have. It should go quite well.

Finally, towards the end of the film opening we are planning to have a voice over which sums up what has happened in the opening so far. Up to this point, there would have been no dialogue, so it's reasonably important.

8. Final title credits


1. Institution introduction (Production company)
2. Director
3. Executive Producer
4. Editor
5. Actors

Bold font in capital letters. Nice and big so the audience can easily see.

9. Final mise en scene decisions - LOCATION and COSTUME

10. 1st draft production schedule

January - Get actors together and begin filming
February - Film everything and start to edit
End of February/Start of March - Filming done. Final edits and ensuring everything is together
March - Hand in

11. Casting

We didn't do any auditions for our cast as we had a limited number of people to choose from. However, we did cast two additional people:

Joe Troake - Our main character
Callum Lovell - The victim (Person who's phone gets stolen)

12. Final Storyboard

13. Final Idea

For our final idea, we have gone with what we initially planned to do, which was represented in blog 1 of the planning. We have made some minor changes, but it follows the same principal. The idea is displayed above via a Prezi.

14. Final Production Schedule

January - February: Film initial idea scenes
End of February: Film any additional scenes that we need to do
March: Finish editing. Get a soundtrack and record the voice over.
Mid - March: Moderate it, give it a final evaluation and give it in.

15. Risk Assessment

16. Contingency Plan