Thursday, 8 September 2016

1. My Group

My Group

My name is Josh Lovell and I am studying AS Media Studies at John Cabot Academy, Bristol. we are going to be making a 2 minute title and opening sequence of a film in the crime genre.

 My Group consists of me and two other people - Jack Rossiter and Albert Roberts and a photo of them is shown below.

Albert - Far left
Jack - Middle
Josh - Far Right

Friday, 19 August 2016

2. Preliminary Filming Task

Preliminary Filming Task

This is the preliminary filming task set by the exam board that we have to complete before we start creating our final film opening. In this film, we looked at improving the camera work and editing compared to our last 2 films, as well as better dialogue and more realistic acting. This film features a reverse action shot, showing the conversation between the two characters from different points of view, as well as demonstrating the 180 degree rule.

Doing this task allowed us to experiment even more with the different types of shots we can go on to use in our final film opening, as well as allowing us to become more familiar with 180 degree rule and how we should never break it.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

5. Blogging Health Check


 - Tighten up on Blog 10 - distinguish the difference between the different types of crime genre
 - Ensure post 13 is completed
 - Continue to film and edit the film as a priority
 - Organise your blog so it can be clearly explored - add labels
 - Make sure every blog post has been labelled and are in the correct category

Reflections - I will now take all of the above points into careful consideration, ensuring that all tasks are completed with good enough detail and I will make sure that my blog is well organised so that posts can be easily found.